The course focuses on communicative skill for the purpose of Dhamma propagation. The ultimate purpose of the course and the book "Let's Talk" is to incorporate all the skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The four skills are always interconnected and I believe they should be integrated skillfully while teaching the language for the long-term benefit of the students. The entire text is written keeping in view the requirements set up by the Thailand Qualifications Framework (TQF) that emphasizes not only on skill and knowledge acquisition but also on a learner-centered and project/research-based learning approach.

This handbook was written by Ms. Naphakanok Muangkotra, the former director of ASEAN Languages Wisdom and Cultural Studies Centre, with collecting from plenty of sources both from websites and books‒ she has, indeed, applied them when writing this book. It goes without saying; those useful English learning websites and handbooks enhanced and advanced our writing abilities. She does, willfully, hope to help learners get a “Breakthrough” of the beginner level and ready for the next level or achieve their expected English levels and advance their English speaking skills.